miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

New semester, new... A LOT!

New students

Doing ministry at UASD has its challenges. One of the common challenges we are seeing is that student attendance varies radically on a semester-semester basis. Many students must work as they study. We have lost many students due to this reality. Other students simply have class during the time of the meetings which they could not avoid. Even though some students from last semester are not able to attend this semester, there have been a significant amount of students who are becoming regular attendees. 

Please be praying for students to be committed to our group.

Servant teams

These are the following teams we have come up with:

1. Get connected: welcomes students, creates social events outside of Vida
2. Message team: creates the weekly message
3. Response team: puts together some time of reflection after the message (i.e. discussion groups, worship, skits)
4. Compassion team: Prayer, students’ needs, evangelism

Please be praying since this is organizing the group that we would make this transition in unity. 

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