domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Well hello there! Long time no write! We are already in February (which is really hard for me to believe!) School started just a couple of weeks ago and we hit the ground running!

I definitely just want to use this blog to tell a lot of the little stories that happen to us on a daily basis.

Normally speaking, being American-looking and all (mostly just me), we sometimes get ripped off. It's hard not to get mad about it especially since I have a huge value on justice. About a week ago, Jimmy and I were riding back on a guaguita (little bus) and had paid our normal 20 pesos.. as we get off the driver calls us and we go back not knowing what to think and he gives us each back 5 pesos. I guess we had overpaid. It was a great to be in the company of a honest man. It honestly shocked me (not to say that everyone takes advantage of people, but these people are few and far between.)

Please pray for me because very soon I will be making a decision about my future/my future with Crusade. This decision will have to be turned in less than a week.

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